Who is CaSFO?

 Unique and only systematic clinical service provider in Rajasthan.

 Run and managed by the professionals from the industry.

 Committed to provide :-

  • Ethical research with credible and reproducible data. Timely completion of the trial.
  • Compliance with all the applicable regulatory requirement and GCP.

  Having the ICH-GCP trained Principal Investigators with different and various areas of expertise.

  Having the manpower of well trained professional in clinical research having the basic qualification varying from MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, PhD, MSc, BSc etc.

Our Services

Management of Clinical Trials

• Site Feasibility

• PI selection

• Timely and accurate data entry andcompliance.

• Financial agreementfinalization.

• Translation of ICF and required essential documents.

• Organisation of Investigator meetings.

• Support in regulatory

Site Management

• Providing CRCs support.

• Training on protocol, ICHGCP and all applicable regulatory guidelines.

• Support in patient recruitment and retention.

• Helps in adherence with protocol.

• Resolution of DCFs

• Support in EC submission.


• CME conducting for sponsor specific programes.

• Conducting Survey for various sponsors.

• Conducting survey specifically for the purpose needed among doctors.

regulatory guidelines.

Why in Rajasthan?

World Famous Tourist Destination.

Availability of Medically qualified professional, able to conduct clinical trial.

Availability of huge patient pool with various diseases.

Four hour run from the political capital of India.

Availability of resources at lower cost than that of metros (approx 30% reduction).

Patient compliance and retention rate is higher than the hospitals of the metros, reason is good Doctor-Patient relation.

Advantages In Rajasthan

PI advantage:-

Dr. in Rajasthan are very co-operative than that of metros making them work for research is much more convenient and they are obliged to conduct research for the sake of science and human.

Getting the credible data is more easier here, as PI gives ample time to review and signing the each document.

Above all per patient cost will be much more less than that of the metros

Resources Advantage:-

-Highly qualified clinical research professional are present in Rajasthan in ample numbers.

Getting the credible data is more easier here, as PI gives ample time to review and signing the each document.

Hospitals in Rajasthan are well acquainted with latest infrastructure and availability of other resources are present in much lower cost.

Scope of CR in Rajasthan

% of Doctors in every field in rajasthan

CaSFO – Advantage:-

• CaSFO provides added advantage to the sponsor and to the PI as CaSFO gives full support in selecting the PI and getting the trial done in a timely manner with ethical consideration.

• With CaSFO every possibility is evaluated for the betterment..