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Candid Site Facilitating Organization (CaSFO)

Welcome to Candid Site Facilitating Organization (CaSFO), India. CaSFO, a Research Consulting and Site Facilitating Organization which will support you as a Site Management Organization, have its registered office in Ajmer Rajasthan, India. CaSFO works with a network of qualified and experienced Principal Investigators in Rajasthan and across India to provide safe, thorough and cost effective management of clinical programs and business development consulting through strict adherence to ICH-GCP guidelines, Schedule Y and FDA regulations.

At CaSFO, our mandate is to assist Investigators and their staffs in producing quality research. Let us help you alleviate the administrative burden associated with conducting clinical trials along with the assistance in the regulatory as well as operations procedure of the patient recruitment and retention in the clinical trial.

In order to help your organization reduce cost and errors, and to get your product to the market faster, CaSFO will work with you in efficiently selecting qualified Investigators for your upcoming clinical studies. Let us become your preferred functional service provider.

What Is Clinical Research

Clinical Research is the systematic study of the safety, efficacy, adverse events, pharmacokinectic and pharmacodynamics effect of the new molecule when it is first time administered in Human Beings.

Clinical Research is the essential and mandatory part in the drug development, as it is require not only by the regulatory body but also gives initial data about the safety parameter of the new molecule which is never been tested before, the effecacious effect of the drug is also evaluated in order to know the advantage of the drug been tested against the current standard of treatment.

In this way Clinical Research is conducted in following phases:-

  Phase-I of Clinical Trial

(Human Pharmacology trial)Phase I of clinical trial is basicaly designed to assess the safety of the new drug under investigation. Phase I requires healthy individuals to evaluate the adverse effects of this new drug. As it requires healthy individuals to evaluate the effectiveness and adverse events.Phase I trial requires the infrastucture to conduct the trial along with the training in good clinical practice(GCP).

  Phase II of Clinical Trial

(Therapeutic Exploratory trial) Phase II of the clinical trial is designed again to evaluate the safety but also to assess the effectiveness of the trial for the first time as this time the new drug is introduce to the patients. The number of patient usually requires in this phase is several hundreds, the trial conducted is usually randomised and multicentric, the investigator has to be trained enough to conduct the trail.

  Phase-III of Clinical Trial

(Therapeutic Confirmatory trial) Phase III of the clinical trial is conducted on a large scale on the patient to evaluate the extensive safety and efficacy of the the new drug patient. The aim of the trial is to generate the data obtained form the trial for the submission in the regulatory agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for getting the marketing approval from it.

  Phase IV of Clinical Trial

(Post Marketing Survelliance) This is conducted to evaluate the longterm pharmacovigillance study.

Why in India, and why in Rajasthan?

India has now became the hub of clinical research industry as the many global pharmaceutical company and many global and domestic CRO has shown their interest and shown their presence in Indian Market. As India has emerged as the country providing:-

Well qualified and trained Doctors who can become Principal Investigator (P.I).

Huge number of population having genetic diversity and diseases. diversity and diseases.

Well qualified science graduates for providing assistance to the PI and patients.

Indian market is very cost effective.